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It is all about the science…

of what you put in your body. The Magic & Science GALS investigate the science of each bottle to provide an ergonomic, ecologic, healthy drinking experience. What fluid we drink is vital to our health on a broad spectrum of levels…and so is what we place our fluids in when we drink them. In addition, how we infuse that liquid with flavor is scientifically relevant to healthy hydration.


Imagination, preparation, practice and action…

create magical results. By incorporating the science of nutrition and hydration into our daily lives, we receive magical results. The Magic & Science GALS’ products facilitate these results and help customers achieve health and wellness. The thing about magic is it is true whether you believe in the science behind it or not.

Magical Lessons from Science


We love helping our customers and visitors learn about the magic and science of healthy living. Read our blog for great insights. We would love to hear from you in the comments section.

Our Companion


Besides our very important families, our most trusted companions are our aristocratic Weimaraners. Shadow (Brenda’s baby), Khaleesi and Mr. Robert Bojangles (Jenny’s dogs), Scratch (who recently passed away, but cannot go without mention) and any foster dog either one of us may be caring for at the time, go with us everywhere we can take them, including the restroom.

Our Weims enrich our daily lives with the psychology of their personalities. Our fur companions are so much a part of our lives; they are incorporated into our logo.

About Us

Magic & Science

We are two women who used the science of food, nutrition and exercise to heal our bodies. The weight and health changes were magical.

Our Goal

We hope to help others learn to use the science of food, nutrition and exercise to heal THEIR bodies.

We begin this journey with hydration…