Hello! Please allow us to introduce ourselves, Jenny Piazza and Brenda Martin. We are the gals of Magic & Science. We have been lifelong friends since we were in high school in 1977. Going separate ways out of high school, yet never losing touch, we reconnected in 2015 after each of us suffered a life threatening, or at the very least, life-style threatening, health issues. Jenny had a broken neck from a fall, and Brenda had a broken femur and knee replacement. After dealing with the science of rehabbing, Brenda in Illinois, and Jenny in Colorado, we knew we had to be together to help each other heal the spirit…the magic. We had to change our lives and find ourselves again. Throughout the entire experience, we knew our transformation was grounded in science…with magical changes.

When we Magic & Science gals began the journey of changing our lives, we uncovered three aspects critical to our overall health and weight loss: diet, exercise and hydration. That’s our mantra…diet, exercise and hydration…say it again…diet, exercise and hydration. These three components of healthy living are no surprise to anyone; yet they continue to surprise us every time we get so busy we leave one of the components out. Alacazam…something goes awhack…you gain weight, no longer lose pounds, retain fluids, or a doctor prescribes three statin drugs. We still have to check ourselves often to ensure we are actively eating healthy, exercising and hydrating.

It is facetious, but we often have to remind ourselves and each other the science behind why we need to do what we do to live healthy lives. Hydration is the one component of a healthy lifestyle we notice immediately makes a difference in how we feel and look; yet hydration is often the first aspect of healthy living where we drop the ball, far more times than we wish to reveal.

HOCUS POCUS, we needed to focus. We had to discover a way to hydrate every day that was fun and refreshing, and did not leave us feeling deprived of the harmful, sparkling tasty drinks of our past. We had to find a way to make sure we LOVED what we drank in order to be sure we drank our required amounts without fail…something that addressed the science of hydration, but tasted magical.

For years, we unwittingly depended on food intake for our water, often mistaking thirst for hunger. We overate and regularly went through our daily routines with dehydrated cotton mouths. It does not take long to become so dehydrated you seek food for the water content. In hot or humid weather, it might take only 30 minutes before we found ourselves hungry…even though we had just eaten. There we were standing in front of the refrigerator with the door wide open…with our hands in a bag of chips…standing in line at the dairy queen. Little did we know at the time, the damage we were doing to our bodies. Nor did we realize how much cooler our bodies would be if we were sufficiently hydrated…and what’s that? No more headaches? And guess what, with a proper diet, the weight would fall off with the proper hydration.

Our system of choice to stay hydrated in a fun way was through infusing fruits, herbs and teas into hot, cool or sparkling water. We now stay hydrated, drinking half our body weight in water each day. Today, we stay hydrated with the fun Magic & Science hydration bottle, teas and freeze dried fruits we offer for sale right here. We hope you find hydration easier, more fun and tasty. We are here for you and would love to talk to you to help you find a mix of flavors that works for you.