Who knows? In fact, we are not even certain if we picked them, or they picked us. All we know is now we each are the very fulfilled owners of Weimaraners. Somehow, the Weimaraner captures your heart and lives inside it forever. Jenny rescued two Weim pups from a former student teacher who was unable to sell his pups…and the rescue work for Weimaraners began. Years later, Shadow was a rescue staying with Jenny as a foster. He was struggling with bonding issues and would not look humans in the eye. Upon meeting Brenda, he climbed onto the couch and curled up on top of her…a 100 pound Weim right in her lap! Shadow picked Brenda and was immediately her family.

We can tell you about the Weim…that they act like humans, no believe they are human…that they have a ghostly gray, blue or silver coat, with mysterious blueish or amber eyes. We could inform you that their fur feels like velvety suede…that they are a large, active dog with gregarious personalities; and they are energetic and affectionate. We could add that Weim companions thrive on your attention and will want to go everywhere with you…that they need a great deal of exercise, or they will select eating your furniture as a reasonable alternative to a good walk in the woods. We can share that they are snuggle bug, bed hogs, expecting all the creature comforts. But it isn’t their sleek, grey coats, their ghostly eyes, or their pleading faces. No, it is because a Weim picks you and loves you unconditionally until their end…and that leaves you with hope.

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For more information on the Grey Ghost Weimaraner Rescue click here: https://www.greyghostrescue.org/