About Bottles

Woohooties…this is a customer favorite hydration bottle design. We trust you will love your Magic & Science Gem Tea Infusion Glass Water Bottle as much as we love it.
Here’s the deal, we searched for a drink that was fun, exciting and sparkled in our mouth! This is the bottle we found to help us do just that. The Gem bottle gives you opportunities to flavor your water. When in use, bits of fruit, flower, herbs and large tea leaves are cradled in a stainless steel metal infuser at the bottom of the bottle. With this infusion bottle, you may drink in a variety of ways: hot, cool or sparkling. Perfect for quenching your thirst throughout the day; or great if you find the taste of water too blah.
The Gem bottle has larger openings within the infuser to allow the flavors of dried fruit teas to emulsify with the water. The stainless steel infuser screws on to the base making it easy to load and wash. The Gem is eloquently designed in gold with a mirrored bevel cut top. The borosilicate glass bottle is double lined with the logo on the inside. The double lining allows you to hold this bottle even when the water is hot. The top and bottom of this bottle are both removable for cleaning. The bottle truly looks magical and the flavors will amaze you.
Magic & Science Gem Tea Infusion Glass Water Bottles provide an opportunity to change your hydration options with an array of charming ideas to satisfy your own taste. You may use dried fruit teas alone, or you may combine them with any large leave dried tea of your choice. Visit our website to purchase dried fruit teas which work perfectly with this bottle.