Woohooties…here is our favorite hydration bottle. The Magic & Science Mystic Tea Infusion Glass Water Bottle gives you the opportunity to flavor your water. Bits of fruit, flowers and tea leaves are cradled in a stainless steel metal infuser at the bottom of the bottle. With your infusion bottle, you may drink in a variety of ways: hot, cool or sparkling. Perfect for quenching your thirst throughout the day; or great if you find the taste of water too bland. Magic & Science Mystic Tea Infusion Glass Water Bottles provide an opportunity to change your hydration options with magical endless ideas to satisfy your own taste.

The Magic & Science Mystic Tea Infusion Glass Water Bottle has a stainless steel infuser on the bottom for steeping and the container is made of borosilicate glass to avoid harmful chemicals often associated with other types of bottles. The internal stainless steel bottom infuser allows the leaves to fully open and release their entire flavor. It is enchanting to watch the color from the tea rise from the metal infuser to the top of the bottle. The borosilicate glass containers are non-permeable and do not absorb stains or smells. We encourage you to try drinking from our Magic & Science Mystic Tea Infusion Glass Water Bottle. You will find it simply tastes better. Not only does glass last longer than plastic, glass is more environmentally friendly. Glass can also be used and washed repeatedly without sacrificing durability, shape and cleanliness. And lastly, the glass is gorgeous. Plastic is a porous material that absorbs and retains stains from tea, along with odor causing bacteria. Food safety studies have shown the chemicals in plastic break down and leach into your drink, especially when heated. Science dictates we do not allow the chemicals to enter our body.

Health experts recommend we hydrate our bodies all day long drinking half our body weight in ounces. Conjure up a hot fruit infused tea in the morning to start your day. By lunch, brew a new batch with cold water and ice. For an exciting early evening drink, refill your bottle with sparkling carbonated water. End the day with another relaxing hot beverage of fruit infused tea. Four servings of the bottle meet the daily recommended fluid consumption. The Magic & Science Mystic Tea Infusion Glass Water Bottle combines the magic of tea infusion with the science of a healthier bottle for hydrating your body throughout the entire day.