…is an Assam black tea. The kitchen elves have spent hours scraping and chopping tiny pieces of the expensive vanilla bean to blend with elder blossoms into the tea. This tea will truly make you happy as real vanilla beans are natural antidepressants, so important during the wintertime, but also important year round. As the tea brews, you can smell the hints of vanilla which soften the flavors of the rich Assam black tea. The caffeine from the black tea will get you upon your feet. When combined with the other ingredients, it will increase your digestive power and metabolism. Most teas on the market use only artificial vanilla flavoring which does nothing for your health or mood. Invite the kitchen elves to your table and enjoy a Vanilla Cookie…tea, of course. Learn more about this blend from the following review from Tea Is A Wish:

Ingredients : Assam, Vanilla Beans, Chrysanthemum, Vanilla Flavoring