Magic & Science Organic Dried Fruit Pineapple Potion


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Abracadabra allacazam…Magic & Science Organic Dried Fruit Potions are a delightful organic blend of Chinese herbal tea, flowers, and freeze dried fruits. The science of the tea composition provides a variety of vitamins, fruit acid and minerals, and the tea contains no caffeine or tannins. After brewing or steeping, a spellbinding aroma and original flavor of the fruit linger in the air and on your taste buds. Magic & Science tea drinkers will enjoy the fresh unveiling presence of the colorful fruit particles found in each potion.

Magic & Science Organic Dried Fruit Potions are specifically chosen for use with Magic & Science Mystic Tea Infusion Glass Water Bottles. The bottle’s stainless steel fine mesh filter allows the water to steep the tea right in the bottle. The flavorful teas are easily brewed in hot or cold water for a relaxing cup of warm tea or a refreshing cool one. Each Magic & Science Organic Freeze Dried Fruit Potion flavor may also be enchanted when cool sparkling carbonated water is used for a bubbly refresher drink. The dried fruit teas quench your thirst rather the tea is warm, cool or sparkling.

Each Magic & Science Organic Dried Fruit Potion may be brewed alone or in combination with Magic & Science Enchanted Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Teas and are specifically selected for use with the Magic & Science Mystic Tea Infusion Glass Water Bottle.

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